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When you have been prescribed Trulicity, you may wonder about the cost of this diabetes medication. It can be expensive, especially if your health insurance doesn’t pay for it. However, there are various ways that you can save on your Trulicity. One of these is to use Trulicity coupons to lower the price. There are different kinds of coupons and savings programs that can get the price down. Without insurance or a coupon. Trulicity has an average cost of about $1,000. With this expense, it’s important to seek out a better price by using a Trulicity coupon.

Trulicity is a relatively new medication on the market. It was FDA-approved in 2014. Because it’s so new, there are no generics for this drug just yet. This is a major reason for the high price tag.
Many people have an insurance policy that covers Trulicity. The manufacturer, Eli Lilly and Company, estimates that about 92% of people who have private health insurance or an employer-sponsored policy pay up to $30 for their monthly co-pay. The other 8% with commercial insurance pay about $239 each month. If you have
insurance, the price you’ll pay depends a lot on your specific insurance plan and whether you have met your deductible already.

If you have Medicare, you need a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D that pays for prescriptions in order to have it pay for your Trulicity. The Medicare plan you have determines the cost you pay. For those with
Medicare Part D, it can cost up to $100 a month according to the manufacturer. If you have Medicaid, Eli Lilly estimates that you’ll pay up to $9 per month. For most people, the prices are much higher, and this makes it important to look for a Trulicity coupon.



GoodRx is a program that gives you a coupon card to buy your Trulicity. This doesn’t make the drug accessible but lowers the price by up to a couple hundred dollars. When you add up these savings month after month, it’s a significant amount that can make a big difference. GoodRx is a program that is entirely free to join. There are different programs within GoodRx, and you may qualify for one and not the other.

There is a program to save people money, specifically on Trulicity, and several qualifiers exist. You have to be a U.S. or Puerto Rico resident, and you can’t be enrolled currently in a federally funded health program such as Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, DoD, or the VA. You also have to be the person who was prescribed the medication or be a caregiver for someone who’s been named it. If you qualify, you print off your coupon and save about $200 on your prescription.

If you don’t meet these requirements, you can instead use the regular GoodRx coupon and print it out for use. This is a more standard prescription coupon that saves you less than $100 off your month’s prescription of
Trulicity. Using either of these GoodRx programs is free and simple. There’s no service fee or monthly fee as with many programs. There isn’t a lengthy application process and an even longer time waiting for approval. You just grab a card and go.

Getting a GoodRx coupon card is very easy. There are cards available in most pharmacies if you look around the checkout areas. You can also print one of their website or mail it to you. Doctors often hand out these cards to people who are on an expensive medication like Trulicity.


The Rx Advocates

This is an organization that will work with the medication’s manufacturer to get you a better price for your prescription. It specializes in making everything as easy for you as possible. There is a monthly fee for this service that’s based on how many medications you get with their help. This organization can get you a lower price by using a patient assistance program. These programs generally save patients a few hundred dollars off their monthly prescription. If you get only Trulicity through this service, the fee for Rx Advocates is $70 a month.

To be eligible for this service, you have to meet a few requirements. You have to meet income guidelines. These are $40,000 for individuals and $60,000 for coupons. For big families, the income limit is $100,000. The price you end up paying for the medication depends on the pharmacy you use, the dosage you have, the area you live in, etc. Trulicity is injected once a week, and each injection pen has a dosage of either 3 mg or 4.5 mg.


The Lilly Cares Foundation

Perhaps the best Trulicity coupon is getting your medication for free through the Lilly Cares Foundation Patient Assistance Program. This patient assistance program is meant to help people of certain incomes to get their Trulicity for free. The program has a few factors to determine whether you’re eligible and one of these is household income.

If you go through this program to save money on Trulicity, you need a yearly adjusted gross income for your household that is at 400% or less than the current Federal Poverty Level. This level depends on how many people are in your household. With this program, the medication can be mailed to either your home or to your prescriber’s office. This program is meant to be used by people who do not have health insurance. You have to apply to be a part of this program and have the application approved before you can get the discount.



This is another company that gives discount coupons on Trulicity. SingleCare offers patients a savings card that can help them save as much as 80% on medications, including Trulicity. Many patients are able to get their Trulicity for about $731 for a month of injection pens. This company is easy to use and is completely free to use. You don’t have to have insurance in order to use the card.

To get it, you choose your pharmacy to bring up the company’s SingleCare Pharmacy Savings Card. This card is then printed out for use at the pharmacy you selected. All of the major pharmacies are eligible, so make sure yours is available for this program. There aren’t any income guidelines or requirements, and there is no need to apply to get the card.


The Eli Lilly and Co. Trulicity Savings Card

This is a different program from the company’s Patient Assistance Program. This is a program that helps people who have commercial health insurance get their Trulicity for cheaper. You do have to meet specific eligibility requirements to get the reduced price. This program uses a coupon card that you can use at the pharmacy as you pay for your prescription. Your doctor can give out the cards, or they may be emailed directly to you if you fill out the form on the manufacturer’s website.

This savings card is to be used to lower your co-pay every time you get your prescription filled. When using this card, patients often pay as little as $25 for a three-month supply of their prescription. The cap for the monthly co-pay price when using this card is set at $150. The card is not for anyone with federally funded health insurance such as Medicaid and Medicare.

If you get this savings card emailed to you, you don’t need to activate the card to use it. You can print and present it when you pick up your prescription. If the doctor gives you this savings card, you do have to go to the website on the card and activate it to be used.


Medicare Extra Help

Medicare Extra Help is a program used by Medicare to give further medication assistance to seniors with a low income. It’s intended to reduce the cost of drugs when you have Medicare Part D. You have to qualify for this program to get the discount. If approved, the program will have you pay just 15% of the co-pay or $8.85, whichever is the least. This can be a huge savings for those who have a low income and struggle to make their co-pays for medications like Trulicity.



This savings program can save people an enormous amount on their Trulicity prescription. However, it does come with a service fee. There are several eligibility requirements that you have to meet to be approved by this organization. To get started, you fill out an enrollment application through NiceRx and get the application pre-qualified. This company uses the drug manufacturer to bring you the medication for free, though you still pay NiceRx a fee. There is often a waiting list to get into this program, so applying as quickly as possible can mean getting your medication for less, far faster.

To meet the requirements, you must submit certain documents, such as proof of income and forms from the prescriber. NiceRx has the exact requirements for eligibility as the patient assistance program because the company goes through this program to get you a discount. If you get your final acceptance, you’re approved by the manufacturer to get the medication for free. After approval, the manufacturer will send a three-month supply of your Trulicity to either your home or the address of your healthcare provider. The monthly fee for using NiceRx is $49.


Inside Rx

Inside Rx is a savings program similar to the one run by GoodRx. It gives you a card that you can use to save about $200 off your Trulicity prescription. Like GoodRx, this service is entirely free. You can use the mobile app to get the discount or print out the card from their website. You can also have the company email or text you a card.

You have to have a valid prescription to use this program, and you can’t be on Tricare, Medicaid, or Medicare, even if you don’t use that plan for your prescription and pay cash. This card can be used by people in those programs to help pay for generic medications, but Trulicity doesn’t have a generic version. The coupon from Inside Rx can be used in almost 60,000 pharmacies.

When you’re deciding which type of coupon to use, it can be a complicated decision. You won’t be eligible for every program; some will save you more than others. Be sure that you understand these programs so you can save as much as possible. When you can get your medication for less, it’s easier to afford the needed drugs. Don’t pay the total price for Trulicity when these coupons are available to save you money.