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How to Save on Trulicity

When you’re taking a medication, it can get expensive. Especially because drug prices are high in America, it’s important to find ways to cut back on costs, wherever you can. Whether you’re insured or uninsured, there are ways to save on your medication, and we’re going to let you in on that information, here.

Today, we’re going to talk about Trulicity. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the basics of the medication and how you can find ways to save money on your Trulicity prescription.

Let’s get into it.

What is Trulicity?

Trulicity is a medication that can help manage your type 2 diabetes. With the help of the medication, you can lower your A1C, and in fact, the bulk of the people who use Trulicity are able to get there A1C to less than 7%.

Moreover, Trulicity helps to reduce the risk of having a cardiovascular episode, such as a heart attack, a stroke, or death. Plus, although Trulicity is not a drug that is intended for weight loss, people on Trulicity have lost an average of 10 pounds, because the medication is prescribed alongside proper diet and exercise.

What are Common Side Effects of Trulicity?

There are many side effects that come with all drugs, so Trulicity has some minor risks that are associated with the medication. Also, there are possible severe side effects that come with the medication, like the chance that you could have an inflamed pancreas, low blood sugar, serious allergic reactions, acute kidney injury, changes in vision, intense stomach problems, gallbladder problems, and more.

Be sure to remember that symptoms of low blood sugar include dizziness and/ or light headiness, drowsiness, confusion, a headache, changes in vision, speech that is slurred, a fast heartbeat, sweating, extreme hunger, shakiness, jittery feelings, weakness, anxiety, irritability, mood changes, and more. If you experience any of these side effects, or you think you’re experiencing any of these side effects, be sure to contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor is equipped to give you personalized advice.

The most severe side effects that are associated with Trulicity, are tumors in the thyroid, thyroid cancer, and more. If you’re feeling like you have trouble swallowing, your voice is hoarse, you are short of breath, or you have a lump in your neck, be sure to contact your doctor, as these side effects might be signaling a severe problem.

Finally, as with other medications, there are side effects of Trulicity that are more common and less severe. For example, you might feel nauseous, have diarrhea, vomit, have abdominal pain and a lowered appetite, symptoms of indigestion, and feelings of fatigue, when you take Trulicity. Most of these side effects are not life threatening, but if you think that there is a problem, be sure to contact your doctor for more information.

Plus, if you’re experiencing side effects that are not on this list, be sure to let your doctor know. You should also be sure to let the FDA know, if you’re experiencing any new side effects. When you inform the FDA, you’re alerting them to side effects that they should let other users know about. This will promote the spread of information and the safety of other Trulicity users.

Of course, be sure to talk to your doctor before you use Trulicity, because you should never start a medication without consulting your doctor. Moreover, before you start using Trulicity, you should talk to your doctor about the best ways to manage your blood sugar, and why you have low blood sugar in the first place.

How Do I Take Trulicity?

Trulicity is easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any problems using the medication correctly. In fact, around 94 percent of Trulicity users have attested to the fact that the medication is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. So, you shouldn’t have any problems applicating the medication, the first time that you use it.

Before you take any medication, you should thoroughly read the instructions that are printed on the medication, and there will be instructions that come with Trulicity that you should review intensely. Be sure to use Trulicity as the instructions say and exactly as your doctor says. These two sources are the most credible, when it comes to using Trulicity.

Never share your Trulicity syringe, pen, or needles with anyone else. If the medication has been prescribed to you, you are the only one who should be using the medication. Plus, it is dangerous to exchange needles and medication. Be sure to let your doctor know if you ingest too much Trulicity, because if you do, you could run into a problem.

Using Trulicity is relatively simple. The medication comes in a pen applicator, and first, you have to take the cap off of the pen. After you do this, you’re going to put the pen in the unlock position. Then, press the pen up against your body, to inject it into your skin.

Your doctor can advise you as to where the best place to inject Trulicity is, but it is best that you use Trulicity in a different place, each time that you inject the medication into your body. It is often advised that you inject Trulicity into either your upper arm, your abdomen, or your thigh, but as always, ask your doctor before you start taking the medication.

What Dosages of Trulicity are Available?

There are four dosages of Trulicity that are available. The smallest dosage is .75mg/.5mL. The next size up is a 1.5mg/.5mL dosage, and then, you have a 3 mg/.5mL dosage. Finally, you have a 4.5 mg/.5mL dosage.

Each of these dosages will provide you with different results, so you should always use the dosage that your doctor prescribes to you. It is dangerous if you take too much Trulicity or not enough Trulicity, so be sure to always follow the instructions that are given to you by your doctor, and never take a dosage that you are not supposed to take.

How Much Does Trulicity Cost?

The price of Trulicity will vary based on a number of factors. You might pay less for the medication if you have insurance, or if you have a lower dosage. And you might pay more for the medication if you do not have insurance, or you have a higher dosage.

Because Trulicity is a name brand drug, it is often very expensive if you are not covered by insurance. Medications that are name brand are expensive, for a variety of reasons, and Trulicity is expensive, because it’s a name brand drug. According to the drug manufacturer, a pack of four Trulicity pens will cost about two thousand dollars, without insurance.

This is incredibly unaffordable, especially if you are someone who cannot afford to pay for health insurance. If you can’t afford to pay for health insurance, then there is a large chance that you cannot afford to pay for your medication.

The good news is, that there are ways to afford Trulicity, even with the cost of the medication being incredibly high.

How Can I Save Money on Trulicity?

There are multiple ways to get Trulicity for a cheaper price. Although you might not be able to get insurance, if it is possible for you to get insurance, this could be a way to receive the medication for a more affordable price. When your insurance covers a portion of the medication costs, you’re more likely to be able to afford the medication. You should check out options for Medicare in your state, if you’re someone who is uninsured currently.

Another way to save money on Trulicity, is to order the medication in a 90-day supply, instead of a one month supply. In order to do this, you have to be approved by either your insurance company or your pharmacy. So, you should talk to either your doctor, your insurance provider, or your pharmacist, to learn more about how to order a 90-day supply of Trulicity, because this could lower the price substantially.

Moreover, you could try to get the medication from a mail order pharmacy. When you use a mail order pharmacy, you’re going to decrease the cost of the medication substantially, and you won’t even have to leave your house to order the medication. Even better, if you get a 90-day supply of the medication from a mail order pharmacy, the price of Trulicity will be even more affordable. Again, it is best to talk to your doctor, your pharmacist, and your insurance company, before you opt to use a mail order pharmacy.

There are other ways to save money on Trulicity, and in some cases, the medication might even be incredibly cheap, if you’re lucky. Websites like SingleCare offers coupons, that will reduce the cost of the medication by about eighty percent. This can take the burden off you, because that is a substantial amount of savings.

Moreover, there are ways that you can sign up for Eli Lilly and Co.’s patient assistance programs, which are run by certain pharmaceutical companies. These programs are intended to help people who can’t afford medication, afford their medication.

Oftentimes, if you’re accepted into these programs, you’ll be eligible to have your medication be shipped directly to your door. This is especially beneficial for people who have problems leaving the house or getting to the pharmacist.

As with most savings programs, there are certain eligibility requirements that are necessary for you to be accepted into the program, so you might not quality. However, it doesn’t hurt to look into the eligibility requirements and apply, if you think that the program might be right for you.

The same program, Eli Lilly and Co., has a savings card that can be applied to Trulicity, which might allow you to pay as little as twenty five dollars for about twelve Trulicity pens. Although you must have insurance to get this discount, if you do have insurance, this is a great way to get the medication for cheap.

Finally, simply compare the prices of the medication. There are different retailers who sell Trulicity, and each one has the medication listed for a different price. If you shop around, you might be able to find substantial discounts, depending on where you buy the medication. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor, about how to get the medication as cheaply as possible. Your doctor will always have the most up to date information for you.


Final Thoughts

Although Trulicity can get expensive, it is important for people who need Trulicity, to be able to get the medication, because the medication can save lives. For people with type 2 diabetes, it is incredibly important that they have access to the medications that they need, and the cost of a medication should not deter people from getting health care services.

We’ve been over the basics of the drug Trulicity, and we’ve discussed a few ways that you can get the medication for a reduced price. We hope that you’ve learned a lot about how to save on your medication, and if you have any questions, be sure to talk to your doctor, your pharmacist, or your insurance provider.

If you’re trying to go onto medication, then you’re taking steps towards bettering your health, and you should be proud of yourself for taking those strides. Good luck, and we hope that you’re able to get Trulicity for an affordable price.